Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! APK

Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A!
Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 1Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 2Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 3Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 4Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 5Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 6Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 7Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 8Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 9Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 10Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 11Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 12Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 13Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 14Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 15Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 16Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 17Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! screenshot 18
Lights! Camera! Zombies! Zombiewood is an awesome free action shooter game. Survive the zombie apocalypse with thousands of other players!

***** “Zombie killing has never been so fun”
***** “Best game for zombie action”

The frontier has fallen and zombies have invaded Los Angeles; the once glitzy and lavish streets - lush with movie stars and celebrities - are now overrun with hordes of the evil undead. It’s time to bust guts, kill zombies and wreak explosive havoc - for free! It’s game on, baby!

*****Welcome to Zombiewood!*****


√ Dash, run and slaughter in fun dual-stick shooter action
√ Shred through wave after wave of crazy zombies
√ Zap, boil & burn zombies with 30 wicked 'n’ wild weapons
√ Cartoon style inspired by a Hollywood setting
√ Wage combat in 20 different movies and 10 unique game modes
√ Mix and match funny, outlandish outfits
√ Rise to the top of the games leaderboard against your friends
√ Regular content updates with more free movies, guns, gore and non-stop action!

But that’s not all, there’s much more zombie action fun tucked inside - so go ahead, install Zombiewood today. It’s funny, free, and one intense adventure!

For fans of shooter games, free games, arcade games and zombie games!


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Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! APK reviews

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Patrick Diaz review Patrick Diaz
I like it, but
The lock on controls are janky. He'll be facing one way, but when I fire he does a 90 degree turn and fires into an open space. Or, I can't control where he is shooting. Game has major potential, but the controls are not up to par.
Yersinanda arya wisesa review Yersinanda arya wisesa
If you to feel rampaging the zombie, then this game is the best...also the grapich is good, fun and I am loving the gameplay
Supeerrbb 5 star for this gameplay and graphic
Dean Winchester review Dean Winchester
Wow :)
Guys this is a great game ever , I really love the game like this , and no need Wi-Fi xD keep it up!
zaki il milanelo review zaki il milanelo
Really love it
Really love it and i hope there will be some update like,new zombies,new scenario,new weapons,and many more. Thank you
Xander Munoz review Xander Munoz
It seems odly good havnt played yet but i already love it keep it up peeps
Gay if its bad but most likely ?
Shubham Joshi review Shubham Joshi
Good game but one thing that i dont like in this game that is when you play multiplayer . You have to cool your player after play another mission . Please remove this . This is bullshit .
Paula Holko review Paula Holko
Best shooter - no social?
Best twiddly-thumb shooter ever! Imaginative game set-up (kill zombies to make movies), runs offline no problem, boots fast, and best of all, nothing is unachievable in this game for those of us with shallow pockets (unlike many games that force you to spend loads of cash to get in-game stuff just so you can finish them). My only complaint is that I can't log in with Facebook or Google+. I'm on an S5, my friend has an S3 (!!!) and can log in no problem. Please fix for 5 stars!
Matt Stoddard review Matt Stoddard
Crazy Fun!!!
This game exceeded my expectations for how much fun it is!! Tons of guns, gadgets, armor, and upgrades. Can pay to upgrade or go totally free, your choice. Obviously paying does everything quicker but it is not a necessity. I have had it downloaded for a while but never really tried it. Decided to give it a go and I literally can not stop playing!!! Everyone who likes zombies, shooters, action games or all 3 MUST give this game a try!!
Joshua Chesnut review Joshua Chesnut
It's a great game, the graphics are great, the levels are challenging but not impossible and the plot/storyline is hilarious. It's one of the few free games that the upgradeable items are actually obtainable without spending your own money. It doesn't take a month of saving every coin you find just to purchase a new weapon. My only complaint is that the aim is ascend little off. If you had a way to calibrate the controls to your phone this would be a 5 star game, hands down. Regardless, good job Gameloft.
Eric Krauel review Eric Krauel
Like to get my progress back!!!!
Or still waiting for Gameloft to give me the necessary cash and money to get back to where i was. Lvl67 took a long time anx a good amount of money. I'll rate 5 when they find my user name bc thats all they need and cant seem to find it even though the game welcomes me back everytime i play.
Sieg D. Warrens review Sieg D. Warrens
Kill Time!
The game is totaly awesome and fun, but can ya fix the friend invite? I can't even see any of my friend list from facebook or other to invite or it was me the one that having problem, please the solutions. Add boss battle mode please, so we can play for minutes co-op or solo offline...
Jonathan Walsh review Jonathan Walsh
F ING awesome!
Just one thing, they want your money! If it didn't cost do much money just to recover your health id give this game 5 stars easy! But everything costs money! And lots of it! If they had a way to earn free dollars ID never stop playing!