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WeatherPlot(™) Mobile
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WeatherPlot (™), powered by ClearAg(R), provides seed and crop protection companies, research scientists, and crop insurance companies with a powerful tool to better assess environmental surface conditions at any location of your choosing. Powered by Iteris’ EMPower meteorological analysis and forecasting system, the retrieval of historical, climatological, and forecast soil and weather information for any location globally is accomplished by simply indicating your location on a map. Easy-to-interpret graphs and tables of different meteorological and soil data are generated for the mapped location with export capabilities to facilitate future analysis.

● Correlate crop performance with environmental conditions by retrieving meteorology and soil conditions for specific locations of your choosing
● Assess the departure from normal conditions in self-contained plotting views that show the climatology versus what actually happened at the chosen location (recent vs. average)
● Plot critical growth parameters such as soil moisture overlaid with soil temperature information
● Easy-to-use export feature allows you to retrieve the location data and email it to an address of your choosing as a CSV file
● Identify and plan field operations by plotting forecast information up to nine days into the future
● Parameters plotted include air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, relative humidity, cloud cover, precipitation totals, soil moisture, and soil temperature

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Expend to everywhere (land/field/area)