TV Remote Control Pro APK

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Control most TVs with your phone with our free app!

Supports hundreds of TV models and phone models
Easy to use UI
Many buttons

We are trying our hardest to support as many phone models and TV models as possible. If your phone model or TV model does not work, please email us it so we can try to add support for it in the next update!

TV Remote Control Pro APK reviews

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Gabrielle Sampere review Gabrielle Sampere
Bad bad don't get it
It doesn't even work if it works I will give it a five but now no it doesn't work so please fix it
Forrest Waymire review Forrest Waymire
ForrForr's Galaxy S4
This App did not support my Toshiba TV, which isn't a problem since it says to email them and they'll try to support it in our next update. Their last updated was in 2014. Immediately it wants 5 stars, same when you close the App.
Rodrick Wilkerson review Rodrick Wilkerson
Need help
I have a 43" LG Ledtv with Metallic design, Triple XDengine, FullHD1080P, LF5400 the remote that was included cant find model identification. So will this app work with my BOOST SAMSUNG GALAXY core prime? If not......what app would u recommend, please and thank you
matt aspin review matt aspin
If you can get this to work on my tv ille reinstall my TV is a toshiba the one with the Toshiba logo in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.. There is only one model like this let me know if your next update includes this if it works ille give you 5 stars
Kurugodu Sreenivasamurthy review Kurugodu Sreenivasamurthy
Didnt work on S5
The S5 has an IR blaster that we can use with an in built app for samsung TVs, I cant control any of my TVs with this despite trying all the configurations for the TV. Tried all for Samsung and for Sony, no response.
Charlotte Acevedo review Charlotte Acevedo
Bad news.
I have connected the tv to the phone. I think. I have a Sanyo, so I clicked on the Sanyo option but nothing happens. Idk if there's more to do besides just connecting and that's it but or what. Please help.
Karen Laidlaw review Karen Laidlaw
Didn't work 4 me + 10,000 Ads
Didn't work for my Samsung BluRay player and every single little thing you do - triggers an ad to pop up, and I mean EVERY. I remember some of the ad and those I will never download them ever, because of this program (app).