Talking Ginger 2 APK

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Ginger's Birthday - It’s time for some birthday fun!

Talking Ginger, the cutest little kitten, is growing up and wants you to celebrate his birthday with him. :-)

Join him for the best party ever - with awesome food and loads of games! Yes, you’re invited to hang out with the most adorable kitten in the world!

- Talk to Ginger: Speak and he will repeat what you say in his cute voice.
- Play with Ginger: Cuddle, tickle or poke Ginger to see his funny reactions.
- Eat with Ginger: Feed him snacks or use the special 'meal time' button to eat together.
- Record Ginger: Record videos of Ginger having fun and share them with your friends.
- Celebrate with Ginger: Blow the party whistle for as long as you can.
- Play the mini-game: See how many birthday candles you can blow out before the timer runs out.
- Win free snacks: Get a free spin of the Fortune Wheel every 24 hours, or earn snacks within the app.
- Unlock rewards: Keep playing with Ginger to unlock more than 50 different jigsaw puzzle images.

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Talking Ginger 2 APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyhhhhhh bbbbbbaaaaaddddddd game
A Google user review A Google user
this game ia awsome guys you should download it my cousin love this game so download it now guys.
Prabhakaran C review Prabhakaran C
Worst app. Pls do not install???????✊✊✊??
A Google user review A Google user
عالییی است فقد یک مشککلی دارد ولی خوبه و فوقالعاد است???
rajendra rawat review rajendra rawat
very nice app
Charlee Marshall review Charlee Marshall
I loved it I will recommend this game and you don't need to be a surton age for this game XX
Devi Vardhineedi review Devi Vardhineedi
Nice Cute ginger
A Google user review A Google user
I love this game because I have a dog name Ginger it's a golden retriever.
Adya Jha review Adya Jha
It's okay
Aliyah Prince review Aliyah Prince
It'd probably be more fun if they mad it so it's not annoying :-(
Alexander Reed review Alexander Reed
Talking ginger2
I love the way to get the best way to get the best of luck to you by phone or email me at the University of California at the end of the World of the most part of the New Year. I have a present for the first time in the New Year, I think it was not able to get a chance to win the game is to provide a wide range of the World
Angel Soto review Angel Soto
This game is fun to play when you get bored and it is cool
mano bili review mano bili
Talking ginger2 is a good game
Lil li
fathima abdul review fathima abdul
Graet app for kids!!!!!!!!!!
This game is amazing. U have to play this game alot. Ginger is so cute he is cute then my bunny. Do u have a cat? Call him ginger ok lol?????????????? thumbs up if u like this game. This game is good for little kids that are 5-10 years old. Bye guys