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"Survival Games" - the famous pixel survival game is coming to Googleplay now!

# Huge maps - "Survival Island", "Death Maze": Mountain, Forest, Sea, Arena…
# Epic 3d pixel graphics.
# Comfortable control & comfortable visual effects.
# Worldwide Multiplayer support!
# Props: food, bow, stone sword, wood sword…
# "Survival Rules": Survival & Fight to the last minute!!!

***Worldwide Multiplayer***
# 5 server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to start game.
# Max players support: 16 players.
# Round time setting: 15-60 minutes.

1. When game starting, sprint to the chest.You may get food or weapons there!
2. Search and attack: After start, you will keep fighting and find chest in the island (eat food & get weapons).
3. Hunger value: if your hunger value is low, your attack power and hp recovery power will be low!
4. If at the last 5 minutes, there are still more than 2 persons, these men will be transferred to the Arena!That's the last battle field!!!

Survival Games APK reviews

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Anthony Atilano review Anthony Atilano
Nice game
Oliwer Nowicki review Oliwer Nowicki
It's not too bad.
why is there only two maps? Needed more maps!
Ranemon The Sex toy Furry review Ranemon The Sex toy Furry
Leandra Irizarry review Leandra Irizarry
Robyn Anderson review Robyn Anderson
Looooooovvvvvveeeeeeddddd it!!!!!
Caleb Becker review Caleb Becker
It is not the best game
Matthew Smith review Matthew Smith
Plz put the old update back
Because I loved were there was no health pool and everything like that
nightmare ninja review nightmare ninja
Give me a refund
Josue Melendez review Josue Melendez
Doesn't even deserve 1 star
Won't even let me play it always crashes ?
Claire Skowron review Claire Skowron
The game
Its cool, I guess.
Tom Clark review Tom Clark
Horrible don't download
Purchased on lg optimus g and it dosnt work. Screen opens shows the logo and crashes. What a disapointment. Can I be refunded please?
EMILY Rene review EMILY Rene
This game is fun becuse you cam team and cool cool stuff 2
j_army j army review j_army j army
Good game
Alfa Gaming lol review Alfa Gaming lol
Its awesome
It's very cool
Michelle Michelle review Michelle Michelle
Who the people who hate this game your stupid and shot