Super Toolbox - Booster, Cleaner, Power Saver APK

Super Toolbox - Booster, Cleaner, Power Saver
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Super Toolbox is designed to clean junk files on your phone and stop apps from re-launching in the background. With this app, many problems such as low phone space, low performance and overheating will be completely resolved, and your phone will run faster and become safe and clean. With this new release, the app takes only 4MB of phone space with refreshing interface, simple navigation and powerful features.

Features (FREE):
►Memory Clean
Manage processes that consume phone memory and release unnecessary memory with one tap to speed up your phone. The feature is designed to automatically close background apps on a regular basis to keep your phone at best performance.

►Junk Clean
The app adopts advanced algorithm to clean all kinds of stubborn junk files on your phone such as processes, cache, temporary files, remained files after un-installation, empty files, clipboard records and large files. By releasing memory, your phone can run much faster.

►CPU Cool-down
By analyzing CPU usage dynamically, the app can detect apps that are consuming your phone CPU, find out the cause for phone overheating, and cool down your phone to prevent overheating

►WiFi Detection
Detect your WiFi status to ensure online security. Detect and stop risky public WiFi or phishing hotspot to protect your personal privacy and property.

►WiFi Boost
Identify and stop apps attempting to connect to Internet in the background, and boost your phone's online speed

►Power Saver
Detect power status in real time and show you the remaining usage time. Multiple built-in power-saving modes for your selection to extend stand-by time.

►File Manager
The feature enables you to manage filed stored on external SD card by categories or directories, so you can find out the files that take up the most space and delete them for more free space.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or feedback

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Derek Rawlings Jr review Derek Rawlings Jr
Pretty Good
Needs just a little more update
Robert Bergsman review Robert Bergsman
CONTAINS ADS, Can not be moved to SD memory on SGH-T399.
Jenni Cox review Jenni Cox
Rocket fueled
Early days but seems to have helped reduce speed of battery death by ensuring l shut down apps
Stephen Robinson review Stephen Robinson
Top rate - solid state
This app does everything as advertised, and it does it very well. :-)
Bambang Harimurti review Bambang Harimurti
Efective enough for my Sam Galaxy Ace 3
A Google User review A Google User
Super Task Killer
Faster my fon now
Dan Starzec Jr. review Dan Starzec Jr.
Love it
Like the ability to quickly turn off sync something y droid turbo doesn't have access to normally- whether it's saving my battery is unknown
Stephannie Emery review Stephannie Emery
Where did u go
I loved this app killer. Worked really well for me. Why did you guys take the sound effects away?????
Andre Turner review Andre Turner
Tons of adds
What do they mean no ads? They are everywhere in the app
Loretta Milton - Jackson review Loretta Milton - Jackson
This is Awesome Love this still
Wonderful speed booster
Saad Yunus review Saad Yunus
Its a v gud app... recommended 2 every1....
Glenn Sarahs review Glenn Sarahs
Battery manager
Difficult to work phone app takes over control of brightness,data,screen timeout override,cancel dont work battery save should be eliminated. No UPGRADE was needed.uninstalled it.if it works DONT fix it!!!
Torey DeVaux review Torey DeVaux
Seems ok
Seems to help atm will post back after a few days of use!
Kulbhushan Kaushik review Kulbhushan Kaushik
Nice but some work required
Show close all the unwanted apps running in background itself
Bunch Whitt review Bunch Whitt
Best task killer
Whenever my phone starts running slowly, it always helps