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Free music for YouTube: Stream
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You've been waiting for it's here: THE free YouTube smart music player!
Stream gives you access to all of YouTube videos and lets you play them in a handy floating popup for a multitasking music listening experience.
Search your favorite artists, create your own playlists, discover new music genres and browse the daily Top Charts of your country, unlimited music streaming!
No need to download your songs anymore, you finally have a free YouTube player that lets you check your newsfeed or answer your messages while watching your favorite videos!

NB: we had to remove the possibility to listen to your music in lockscreen in order to respect YouTube's Terms of Use. Stream is a music streaming app, not a downloader, and cannot play your own mp3 files

- YouTube player: watch your videos in full screen or use the floating popup for multitasking
- Customize the size of the floating popup to your needs
- Move the floating popup player wherever you want on the screen

- Search among millions of YouTube music videos for free: smart search with suggestions
- Browse the daily Top Charts songs: USA, Brazil, UK...choose your Top!
- Access 100 music genres: Electronic, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rhythm & blues, Disco, Jazz and more
- Discover our special radios: whether you want to sleep, party, concentrate or do some workout, there is a radio for you
- Start a radio from any video for hours of free music, no need to download your tracks anymore, get unlimited music streaming
- Access in a click a tab dedicated to your music wtih content you've recently watched and liked
- Enjoy simple one touch and drag & drop gestures to manage and listen to your music

- Create your own playlists
- Easily re-order your playlists with a simple drag and drop
- Share your playlists and the music you love with your friends
- Create your Stream account (through Facebook or Google+) to save and access your playlists from one device to another
- Directly import the playlists of your YouTube account on Stream
- Add songs and manage your current queue easily

- Set up to 3 widgets to access directly from your home screen :
- the Top Charts songs list
- the recently watched and favorites videos

- Customize your Stream experience with Themes: dark or light (free), gold, blue neon, or emojis world (in-app purchases)
- Schedule your music stop with the Sleep Timer feature: 5 min before bedtime? 10 min music break? Just choose, Stream will automatically stop when needed :)
- Battery Saver: automatically reduces the brightness to save your battery

Stream is a third party music streaming player app, not a downloader. It does not allow to listen to your own mp3.
All the content is provided by YouTube services.
Therefore, Stream does not have direct control over the content displayed.
"Please use the following link to report any content that may infrige copyrights:
Stream is not a mp3 downloader."
You can stream and listen to unlimited songs but will not be able to download them. An internet connection is required (wifi or cellular data).
According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowed to display videos when in lockscreen, nor to let you download songs.

You will be asked to authorize two accesses within the app:
- one to allow Stream to modify the brightness of your device (for the Battery Saver)
- one to enable the floating popup player

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If you are experiencing any issues or have comments and suggestions please contact us at [email protected], we will do our best to help you!

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Erik Smart review Erik Smart
Does not work
Hoff Porter review Hoff Porter
The app refuses to play songs in my playlist and on the charts it loads up the song but won't buffer help! Also the shuffle is awful it constantly goes back to the song you listened to before! App is useful but way off Spotify. I only use this app for music so please fix these bugs.
ForcedBy Playstore review ForcedBy Playstore
Great app. Only one thing....I have a brand account that I've stored my music favourites on but when I import from YouTube there is no option here, or anywhere else to link to my brand account. Help would be appreciated on how to achieve this. Thanks.
This is a great app! Would recommend it to anyone. It's easy to use, understand and I'm really enjoying it. My only suggestion is the tab on the side, it doesn't bother me that much and it is a really smart idea (because now I can sing with the lyrics and do other things at the same time), but it does interfere with some of my apps. If there is room for a feature that allows you to remove the tab when you want, but can still listen to music in the background, then that would be very handy. Otherwise, I'm loving this app :)
Joseph Brimbuela review Joseph Brimbuela
This app gave me a great shot ive looking for this type off app who can play even not in youtube app, its very great! If I could give more than 6 stars I would do so anyways thanks for this app????
OKAY I mean it is great don't get me wrong but one thing if u guys can make it where u can listen 2 ur playlists offline it's 5 star capable (my opinion) or that's a mechanic I haven't figured out yet
Aj Wingard review Aj Wingard
I had a lot of playlists on here but ever since the last update they're all gone... it was such a pain to get everything in the first place, and now I've got to do it all over again!? No thank you
Jacob Carey review Jacob Carey
Every time I try to import a playlist it says "Oops, something went wrong" perhaps there's a limit to how big the playlist can be, but other than that it works fine and is easy to use.
Merkeza Amare review Merkeza Amare
I used to like the app but I lost all my playlists after the most recent update. If I try to use the app now it will randomly restart my phone. I'll be checking out other streaming apps just in case
I think it is a very good app and u really like listening to music. It's a bit annoying though when your phone goes of and it won't be played because it's not allowed. But overall a really enjoyable app.
Leilani Randall review Leilani Randall
It is the best music app I have tried like every other music app and this the best one ??
JoKeRlReKoJ review JoKeRlReKoJ
Don't try anything else
I already tried most background players and they all were decent and got worse or is bad to begin with. So don't waste your time trying anything else. This baby works wonders, plays flawlessly in the back, and is easy to use and manage. My favorite from the instant I used it, great job guys!
the diego town review the diego town
Listening offline would be good but everything else is great
jonathan adam review jonathan adam
Get the song which i wanted.. That song is there in youtube i have watched it but it doesn't show in this aap.. Hated it
It is a rly good app with all the songs except the song playing on ur screen bugs me