Stickman Dismounting APK

Stickman Dismounting screenshot 1Stickman Dismounting screenshot 2Stickman Dismounting screenshot 3Stickman Dismounting screenshot 4Stickman Dismounting screenshot 5Stickman Dismounting screenshot 6Stickman Dismounting screenshot 7Stickman Dismounting screenshot 8Stickman Dismounting screenshot 9Stickman Dismounting screenshot 10Stickman Dismounting screenshot 11Stickman Dismounting screenshot 12Stickman Dismounting screenshot 13Stickman Dismounting screenshot 14Stickman Dismounting screenshot 15Stickman Dismounting screenshot 16Stickman Dismounting screenshot 17Stickman Dismounting screenshot 18
Perform amazing stunts, crash into walls, break bones, destroy vehicles and have the fun!

- unique active ragdoll physics system
- crunchy sound effects
- multiple levels
- multiple vehicles
- multiple props for level customization
- replay system with saving and sharing abilities

Do not attempt game actions in real life.

Stickman Dismounting APK reviews

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Michal Szulc review Michal Szulc
I started playing this game about a week ago and God help me I can stop playing it. It has to be in my top 5 games EVER!! I recommend everybody to try it out!! I really hope the next update to this game will be fun this game has a good future ahead of it I can feel it GOOD JOB CREATURE!
Andy White review Andy White
More levels
I have done unlocked every thing and I'm sitting on like a quarter million coins or credits. Plz make some more lvls I don't want to delete and start over
Kip McMillan review Kip McMillan
Fun and challenging!!
Absolutely love this... It's not hard to collect coins, and the challenges do seem impossible. Thankfully they're not impossible. I can't wait for new courses and challenges!!!
Dylan Lynch review Dylan Lynch
I really love it is good for killing time
jbraborn review jbraborn
This is the best dismount game I've played. Period.
The physics are broken in the best way possible. Every so often, a piece of your vehicle will break off inside of your guy and fling him all over. Please don't fix this! It's hilarious!
Gustavo Dinis review Gustavo Dinis
Takes to long to move to next level poor coins per level.. How am I'm supposed to break 10 parts of a shopping cart it will take too long you should really review the coins
Jamie Werner review Jamie Werner
Needs more
Great game, but I've cleared all challenges, got all props, all vehicles and levels. I only had the game for a week. Would love more levels with higher drops and more moving objects to hit. More levels please.
Caleb Fury review Caleb Fury
It costs too much to unlock levels
Everything is too expensive, and the dismount don't give you enough coins. The coin grinding gets boring after a while. Please improve this on the next update.
Richard Dillingham review Richard Dillingham
Delicious Dagwood
Sandwich is great, could use more layers of meat and extra hot mustard. Definitely will recommend!
Ryan Hogan Jr review Ryan Hogan Jr
Best game in the world 10 out of ten but add more lvls plz
Izzac Koonce review Izzac Koonce
Love it
It would be better if the price was not so high.
Shamsher Lewiouse review Shamsher Lewiouse
Game is good. Hard to earn money. Too many ads.. Un-install
Dylan Sutherland review Dylan Sutherland
Looks like it could be fun.
Everything costs too many coins for me to really get to play the game, is stages and vehicle were cheaper I would have enjoyed it more.
Terelle Hampton review Terelle Hampton
Won't open no more.
It's was so much fun playing this game. Now it won't open. I don't want to start over. So Idk what to do....
Fuxxxy review Fuxxxy
A good game love it and it is a funny one how you crash sometimes but needs more vehicles like a skateboard go kart and a hoverboard?