Schoolbus Driver 3D SIM APK

Schoolbus Driver 3D SIM
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The summer holidays are finally over and you’re preparing to get back to work. The kids are waiting for their favorite bus driver to transport them to school on time. Drive along some crazy paths while making sure the kids get to and from school safely. Steer the school bus carefully, rush past the traffic and don’t be late! Follow all of the traffic regulations, stop when traffic lights are red and avoid hitting other cars on the road! Are you ready for an entertaining adventure? Your mission is to safely drop the kids off at school!

School Bus Driver 3D Simulator features:
•Awesome Bus driving challenges
•Smooth controls and fun gameplay
•Drive different types of school buses
•Massive 3D Suburban City environments
•Realistic City traffic

**Download the #1 Schoolbus Game of the Year!**

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Schoolbus Driver 3D SIM APK reviews

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Sharon King review Sharon King
Ummh it is fun to play picking up the kids and dropping of
Latoya Brooks review Latoya Brooks
Not amazed
I hate that after you finish there's a 30vsec add and the bus goes to slow
Kamya Phillip review Kamya Phillip
Lol so fun
binbin yang review binbin yang
I wish it let you drive as long as you want
brownloretta17 review brownloretta17
what are those
i love this it is as was one you have to try it the fun game in the nation
Ashley Sudduth review Ashley Sudduth
school bus driver 3d
I keep on running into stuff
lattè _SplAsh review lattè _SplAsh
Kills tyme
Ii like it...itz actually legit
Stajah Douglas review Stajah Douglas
Great game
Nice games but the kids take to long and the speed is slow
Caidence Douglas review Caidence Douglas
Really good
The controls are hard, though
Gabby TheBest review Gabby TheBest
Lots of ads and the kids walk a bit slow and there is no option to yell at them to hurry up but other than that I love the game its very fun
Max Garcia review Max Garcia
Love it
Sat at the airport and found this game the time flew by
Noemi Torres review Noemi Torres
It's an easy game..
mia holland review mia holland
Its so fun yeah this game
Tessy Adebiyi review Tessy Adebiyi
I loved every single thing in it keep it up
Brandon Wisell review Brandon Wisell
Great game
10/10 would bus drive again.