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Unlock and enjoy all the premium audio features Rocket Player as well as premium themes.

Premium Features include:

• Premium themes
• 10 band graphic equalizer
• Assign an equalizer preset to a song, genre, playlist, artist, album, or podcast
• Preamp
• Limiter
• Right/Left balance control
• Gapless playback
• Variable playback speed for podcasts/music
• Replay gain
• Crossfading
• Support for even more audio formats: Apple Lossless (alac), True Audio (tta), APE (ape), Musepack (mpc),Waveform Audio File (wav), Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac), WavePack (wv) and Windows Media Audio (except lossless and copy protected) (wma)

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Rocket Player Premium Audio APK reviews

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Denise Flowers review Denise Flowers
Used to be a good player
The update will not keep the pictures on the tracks. The subscription makes it worse. It was easier when that feature was free. Can't remove wrong pictures from wrong tracks!Also, having trouble with the "connect to play" option. It only works half the time. Messed up many of the song's tags and I had no idea what song it was because it shouldn't be on my device! Used this app on previous phones. It sucks now. Not worth buying or using any more.
Nuri Heckler review Nuri Heckler
Favorite player.
Definitely my favorite player. Intuitive controls, and good at keeping all those texts from interrupting my music. However, it's not quite working with Chromecast yet. It's fun to see what will happen when I cast. Sometimes the music shows down and gets all demonic. Sometimes it just stops or skips at random. Overall, though, good player.
Candido Aviles review Candido Aviles
This is the best app i been using dince i got my tabket. Would be better if the videos have options to repeat also.
Veronica Susana Schneider review Veronica Susana Schneider
It rocks!
I can't find a way to share the titles I'm listening. Other than that, is an excellent, beautiful to the eye and very practical juke box and player. I love it.
Keith Mullins review Keith Mullins
Great except INCLUDING streaming Bluetooth info
UPDATE: received email almost immediately with suggestions to try. Which worked by the way. Updated to 5 stars. This is the best player for both layout and function. I love the functionality and looks of rocket player with isyncr. My only gripe is that one of the updates losth the streaming if the ID tag info across Bluetooth. Now my car stereo displays no title, no title, no title. I know it is rocket played with the issue because I can switch to the default music player and the titles come up.
Dj Elkins review Dj Elkins
Paid version... it's ok would use others first
It's a good app with good features that work well most of the time. Only problem I find is skipping and stuttering while doing other things on phone. Plenty of space have tried to figure it out but it only happens with this music app. Others don't do that.
Khalid Alyoasi review Khalid Alyoasi
Still best player *AUX no sound is a system issue *whom want to backup playlist go to Option>My Library>Export playlists & you'll find it in "playlist" folder in phone's SD. Only the bug is annoying when deleting a duplicated song from my playlist it delete the whole duplication including the original one hope this fix in near future
Paolo Castelo review Paolo Castelo
Smooth sound and playback
I love this app from the get go, but I was a bit disappointed when I noticed one feature was missing. Most players have a "Press |<< to restart song instead" but this option is missing here. May I perhaps suggest it for a future build?
Nathan Morse review Nathan Morse
I love Rocket Player! I've been using Rocket Player Premium since I got my phone in September 2014 and haven't changed music players since. It's a powerful and relatively simple music player with lotsa cool themes. My small complaints are the wood theme doesn't have banners for where the first letter changes under artists when scanning for an artist. In addition, whenever I go to home on my phone or put it to sleep while music player is playing, if I re-enter Rocket Player it is not where I left it and it is back to the artists page. I also wish that the search function for typing in was dedicated in a spot on the interface rather than the obscure place it is now. Lastly, my biggest complaint is how they got rid of the free album art search feature that they used to have and the old lock screen that used to allow you to fast forward and rewind (without a separate locking method). If these things were fixed/put back to the way they were, this app would be pretty much perfection!
Eddie Walton review Eddie Walton
Nice player but...
But it does not support external hard drives connected via USB-OTG. :(
Reina Ibarra review Reina Ibarra
Don't update, Don't Purchase Full Version
I updated and now they want me to subscribe to a third party album art grabber and won't refund me even though that was a perk for buying the full version. They are just trying to make double money on a feature that was offered as a full version feature. Don't purchase full version. Since update loss all my 76 album art. I can't even get 7 day free trial because I have no payment method. Scam artist
Prajith PS review Prajith PS
Good app
Strong performance. I use the full version for more than a yr and it never crashed till date. Audio quality is much better than any beta app and above avg compared to most paid apps. Options are easy to use intuitive and useful.
Sabin Figaro review Sabin Figaro
Removed Album Art Search, now Paywalled
Much like Alfred Marin, I am not happy with this at all. I love Rocket Player and I decided that, out of all the FREE players, RP deserved purchasing - so I did. I then noticed that the once-staple feature of being able to use free in-app searches for Album Art from the web -- has now been removed. They removed that, even for those of us that actually thought this company was worth supporting, and are now paywalling us with this yearly "Cloud" subscription nonsense if we want album art on our music. In the end, I couldn't even subscribe to the "Cloud" even if I wanted to, since you cannot use Google Play Gift Cards to fund subscriptions. This is incredibly bad form of JRT Studio and and absolutely should be made public with a statement clarifying why they did this. I wish I could ask Google for a refund so I could find another service worth supporting. I simply wouldn't feel comfortable recommending this app, or this studio, to my friends or family.. or indeed anyone else. Incredibly unhappy about this and I wish I'd known before purchasing. (it gets 2 stars rather than 1 because the "free" version is worth having, even if it it a lot more limited)
steve trebotich review steve trebotich
Just works
Need I say more? Removing the album art downloader "for the benefit of the user experience" is a bit disappointing. Still like the software, just not thrilled anymore.
Ron Heinsman review Ron Heinsman
Removed feature
They have removed the album art search feature and replaced it with an ad to pay for that functionality. I already paid for that when I bought this premium version. Doesn't seem right to me that I must pay again.