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Powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency, it teaches children about money in the 21st-century.

The Pigzbe App lets parents send Wollo to their child’s Pigzbe from anywhere in the world, instantly and securely. For children, the App is a playful interface for more advanced activities, like setting savings goals, learning about budgeting, sharing and spending.


Create a Pigzbe account and wallet
Claim their Wollo
Send and receive Wollo
Create child profiles
View their own personal balance and compare its market value (FIAT and crypto)
Transfer to exchanges to convert to other currencies
View their child’s account
Set their child tasks and goals
Send gifts and set-up recurring allowances
See notifications from across the family network


Receive Wollo from their parents
Send Wollo to their parents
View their own personal balance and compare its value
Play and learn with the Pigzbe
See notifications from their parents
Complete tasks and goals set by their parents
Receive recurring allowance and gifts from parents

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