65.74 MB screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot 5 is a global video community.

Create awesome short videos with our editing tools and share with the world. With, you can use our music and sound library, stickers, face filters, beauty effects, and more for your videos!

• Add your favorite music to your videos
Easily edit your videos with thousands of free music clips and sound effects! We create featured music playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including pop, rock, rap, electronic, R&B, country, and more.

• Join the community of creators & show your talent
Millions of creators are on and waiting for you to join! With, you can show your incredible talents using only your phone camera. Be entertained, and be inspired.

• Use emoji stickers and face filters
There are hundreds of emoji stickers you can add to your videos to take them to the next level. With, you can use tons of fun face filters and beauty effects.

With’s easy-to-use editing tools, awesome effects, and access to today’s trending music, you can be creating and sharing videos with the world right now!

* Any feedback? Contact us at or tweet us @musicallyapp.

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Courtney Diaz review Courtney Diaz
Samsung Users
We Samsung users don't even have all the cool filters and time machine things like iPhone users. ???? Totally unfair!!!!!! If this problem is not fixed soon we are all just gonna delete this app !!!!!!! And guess what your gonna lose lots of money !!!!!! I mean not everyone has a iPhone other people have different phones !!!!!! So why wont you make it fair for us too !!!!! Once again , if this problem is not fix in about a week or so I'm deleting this app !!!!
Angelina Villarreal review Angelina Villarreal
You people creators of musically need to make Android have the Same features as iphones or else people are goanna start undownloading it
Melissa Sanchez review Melissa Sanchez
Sucks for people who have tablets
When I do videos, it looks like I'm looking in a silly mirror,my face is so stretched out
Timothy Singo review Timothy Singo
I like the app but..
There's a lot of problem when i shoot... when i put lapse it goes slower when i put epic it goes faster .... you could say its upside-down... and also i can't import a video .... why iphone always special .?
Aliya Nevarez review Aliya Nevarez
Not fair?
The app is okay but why does iOS devices get the cooler effects and stuff like that iPhones always have the coolest stuff and apps. Us Android users get the boring stuff
Splash Of Meee review Splash Of Meee
I love it but...
I love it but...their aren't cool features for android like their are for iPhone. I honestly don't think this is fair. Please fix
Gilbert Balasa review Gilbert Balasa
It keeps kicking me off the app and if I try to sign in with fb or Twitter it's says login failed and won't let me sign up with my email
Kiiiri Slayeer review Kiiiri Slayeer
It doesn't work on galaxy note2 please update, I strongly believe that your business will expand few out this year if all phones have access to this amazing app It keeps glitching which cause's my phone to malfunction CBF with all
April Lopez review April Lopez
kinda love it
can you please fix the app for androids it's not letting me post my videos or see the likes
Jesse Lancaster review Jesse Lancaster
Won't play
I had to get a new note 4 phone and now the videos wont play. They are just stills on the screen. Loved the app before but please fix it
Anna Knowlton review Anna Knowlton
Love it but needs fixing
I loveee this app!!! But... I have an android and i dont have any filters or the reverse or time lapse andddd the camera is slow and bad quality in the videos
Norelee Rodriguez review Norelee Rodriguez
Doesn't even let me upload a picture or change my Instagram name in there one start untill this gets fixed. BTW I have an HTC 1m8 I don't think there should be problems ?
Denise Carter review Denise Carter
Keeps saying error !!!!!
Everytime i choose music is says error pick another song. And every song is like that. This needs to be fixed. How am i suppose to use the app if the music doesn't work .
Sage Peer review Sage Peer
I love this app so much and its so fun to use but it keeps glitching. It wont show me my likes and it glitches when I'm doing a video. Please fix it. Also you should update the amdriod version because iPhones can add videos from their gallery and use the reverse thing.
Exotica Rose review Exotica Rose
Dope App But ...
IG: @Exotica.Rose : searching through my OWN SONGS needs a search bar ... over 2000 songs on my phone, don't wanna scroll down all the time ?