Music Player APK

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Music Player
Music Player is the original Android audio player.

•  Play music - Play music by song, artist, album or playlist
•  Easy navigation - One touch to navigate in your music player
•  Quick search - Search for your music quickly
•  Playlists - Build and edit your songs into playlists
•  Party shuffle - Shuffle your music
•  Albums - View beautiful album art in your music player
•  Notification control - Control music from notifications in Android 5.0 and later
•  Play queue - View upcoming music
•  MP3 Player

Music Player APK reviews

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Maxine Alexander review Maxine Alexander
I love this
I love this I can get all the songs I want ya ya this is so fun having this ya ya!!!!! U don't have to sigh in or have a password ya !! I'm a kid so I'm glad it does not have apassword ya or username !!! Oh and I'm using my grandmom phone but I have a iPhone but I can not download no games
Billy Iqbal review Billy Iqbal
Easy advice
Good you can custom your playlist,easy, well so far its good
Tim Morehouse review Tim Morehouse
Could use a new feature
Could you please add a feature so we could lock all music files, so they don't get deleted?
Heather Wallace review Heather Wallace
New Ads
I used an older version of this app on my old phone. I just upgraded so I re-download this app, as I enjoyed using it. However, the shiny new ads are pretty distracting. I totally understand needing to make money off of apps, but I wish there was a paid version so I could get rid of the ads. Considering switching apps. (And I just noticed that all the screenshots cut off just above where the ads are. Sneaky.)
Kaylee Olivares review Kaylee Olivares
I hate it
I had download so much songs then when I sow that ther was to much things in the recently Added I decided to felt the recently added ones and all my songs deleted ???
Xamis Limelight review Xamis Limelight
Two issues
Issue 1: Equalizer does not work Issue 2: The Playlists I create will become empty randomly. Truthfully, I'm sick of both of these things.
Sidney J Tokona review Sidney J Tokona
Music player for androids
This app don't work at all i'm looking for a free app that downloads free songs. can anyone help me with this issue please? Thanks
Frank Wiesemann review Frank Wiesemann
Useless garbage
No settings or in-app controls or adjustment possible. From the look of it, it's a visual interface or representation of the tedious process of relocating files into a suitable directory, rather than the app just doing what an app like this should do, and find them for you, or at least let you tell it where to look. Useless, uninstalled.
Bill Willyard review Bill Willyard
Ok app, but needs a little work.
Don't mind that this is a basic app, but it would be helpful if it had a link to a help page and if there was a way to exit app short off turning off phone.
Zachary Ward review Zachary Ward
It's a music player not downloader, read the title num nuts
Bryan Major review Bryan Major
Music player skips
Why on some song I play on my Samsung S5 they will play 5 10 20 pretty much random seconds then skip to next song.
Andra Frijters review Andra Frijters
When my screen turns off the music stops. Before this started I would have rated it 5 stars
Ari Burnham review Ari Burnham
Also disappointed in recent ads
Was my favorite player I could find before the ads: they're obtrusively wedged into the control inputs, and I do quite understand the need, but on a purportedly more discontinued edition, with no option to purchase & remove them, it's a killer. Their other option, JRT player, gives me a lot of trouble crashing & reading tracks, & I really just like a foobar aesthetic (lightweight, barebones but featureful on functionality), & until that change, this was & is still my best fit if you don't mind such ads.
Dank Sugarplum review Dank Sugarplum
My view has changed
Not a fan of the ads, supposedly there is a paid version which I cannot find. The program has a bug with JVC Bluetooth car audio.
Michael Riches review Michael Riches
This is a good player.
Love this player. Company has great customer service support.