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iSyncr for iTunes
Varies with device
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iSyncr Pro
The pro version of iSyncr gives you unlimited song and playlist syncing. Sync your iTunes music library with your Android devices.

Syncing Features
• iTunes music, podcasts, and videos over WiFi or USB
• Playlists, ratings, play counts, skip counts, last played date, and last skipped date
• Keep your smart playlists up to date
• Sync to internal or external storage, including Lollipop SD cards!
• Automatic wireless syncing of your music and videos on a schedule
• Compatible with MTP, unlike other top solutions
• Album art with your music to enjoy on your phone
• Multiple iTunes Libraries
• Quick setup, sync directly with your existing iTunes playlists and libraries
• Create smart playlists on your phone using the Live Lists feature
• Sync your MP3 downloads from your phone back to your iTunes library
• Sync Android playlists back to your computer

Combine iSyncr with our free Rocket Player music player to take advantage of these additional features:
• New playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes
• Podcast bookmarks to and from iTunes
• iSyncr Live Lists dynamically update on Android while playing
• Video play counts sync back to iTunes

Note: Copy protected music or videos are unavailable to sync, but iSyncr will alert you to which songs will not be synced to your device.

* iTunes for Windows, or iTunes for Mac OS 10.5+ required.

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iSyncr for iTunes APK reviews

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John Calhoun review John Calhoun
I tried the free program and it SEEMED to work, so I opted for the paid version. But so far, this app sucks! It takes 2+ hours to process, claims it copied 10,500+ files, and upon completion and inspection, 90% of the folders it creates are empty! Is there any way to get my money back?
Mike Brubaker review Mike Brubaker
Great app! It runs well and the WiFi sync is very handy! Edit: I no longer have the issue I previously had with automatic playlists.
Rishabh Arvikar review Rishabh Arvikar
Worked perfectly till recent iTunes update. Now playlist sort order is not being maintained when synced. Definitely deserves 5 stars once this is fixed.
Joe Vasquez review Joe Vasquez
The trial version seemed to work fine. So I bought this version. It's hit or miss, and more times than not a miss on the USB transfer. I don't have access to wifi to transfer. Anyway after countless times thinking I have successfully transferred music, based on the data provided, only to find out its not actually there!!!!! Super f&*king annoyed, don't waste your time. I upped it 2 stars, as I am impressed with the speed at which you responded to my inquiry.
L. Hayes review L. Hayes
It fails to sync songs etc I downloaded from CDs. Only downloads items that were purchased.
Harold Taitano review Harold Taitano
Love this app
I transfered all my music and playlist with no effort (with the album covers). I highly recommended this app for itune users who have an android phone.
George Rich review George Rich
I Sync Pro
Sync I tunes to android. My laptop, windows 7, to my HUDL. I know nothing about computers but this was easy and it works. No problems, I combined it with the Rocket music player, lovely
Joshua Barber review Joshua Barber
Just what I needed!
It is possible to live with an Android phone and an ipod! Great app. Works flawlessly across my PC and Note4.
Andrew Smith review Andrew Smith
Don't buy
Bought this prematurely. Should have ensured that ALL my songs were getting transfered instead of just some before purchasing. I can manually put the missing songs on there but that defeats the purpose of buying this app. Don't make my mistake.
Mauro Rogério review Mauro Rogério
Cumpre o que promete.
Scott Andrew review Scott Andrew
Fails everytime.
Constantly fails while syncing from iTunes library to xperia z3c, misses all artwork & certain songs. Garbage.
David Thormahlen review David Thormahlen
Only syncs some of my play lists. Problem was solved and works awesome
A Google User review A Google User
Pretty good app
Works great via usb, but despite troubleshooting can't get the WiFi to work
Ian Zammit review Ian Zammit
It's there some problem with Win 10?
I can't seem to connect to my computer and sometimes got an error with a bunch of java script
Waldo Piater review Waldo Piater
Love it
I love this app but if you guys could please help and allow this app to sync movies aswell that would be amaaaaaazing please thank you ?