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Imoji has joined GIPHY to bring you the best collection of stickers on the interweb. GIPHY Stickers is the fastest, simplest way to make, find, and share stickers across all of your favorite social and messaging channels.

Are text emojis just not cutting it anymore? Need a better way to say LOL? Maybe you just wanna say “thumbs up”, “yes!”, “happy birthday”, or “deal with it”. We've got a sticker for that.

Text your friends amazing stickers.
Share a sticker in Facebook Messenger, in an Email, tweet it on Twitter, post it to Facebook, and more!
Copy to clipboard or save it for later on your Gallery
Save favorite stickers to your collection

Use the built in camera to make a sticker of your friends, your dog, another dog, or your own cute face.
Make it move with tons of fun animations
Your stickers will save to your Collection so you can send them everywhere, anytime!

Have any Questions? Comments? Issues? Visit for more info or get in touch with us at [email protected]!

GIPHY Stickers APK reviews

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Felicia Trujillo review Felicia Trujillo
David Hernandez review David Hernandez
Was lookikg forward to it but This app is garbage, all that advertising for nothing. These guys weren't prepared. Back to the drawing bored.
Ann Benjdid review Ann Benjdid
Doesn't work on Galaxy 6. Can't send through text, can't share or save gifs. Basically useless
Jaclyncat 26_Peridot_Rules review Jaclyncat 26_Peridot_Rules
IT WONT LET ME LIKE OR SAVE OR ANYTHING! I can look at the stickers and gifs but I cant do anything it just says error! Why!? Please fix!!! Please!!
Raquel Thomas review Raquel Thomas
Such a fun app for spicing up your text messages makes it fun adding stickers really love it!!
Colton Terepka review Colton Terepka
It will not work on my s7 edge at all
Anna Clarke review Anna Clarke
Gonna hang onto this for a bit to see if it improves. No full list of categories/tags, only featured and related so hard to know if you've even seen everything on offer, plus categories often claim to be empty. Ratio of hideous vs usable stickers is stacked on the ugly side (altho that's a matter of preference). The trace/animate your own pictures is really easy and effective but the app has erased the ones I made already =/ Feels unfinished but will hopefully improve.
Linda C review Linda C
Great selection of stickers. Doesn't matter though when you try to use them and all you get is an Error message! Uninstalling and hope the developers fix the bugs...
Akshay Dhyani review Akshay Dhyani
It's super buggy... Stickers not loading...i hope you'll fix it coming update...
Kelly Nickols review Kelly Nickols
The visuals are fun. However, I was under the impression that I could post a sticker/giphy comment in FB comment thread. I'm only able to create a new stand alone post.
Mitch Baltzell review Mitch Baltzell
app won't let me save any of my own created stickers on my note 4.
Lory DeppGirl review Lory DeppGirl doesnt show in anywhere! @giphy is better
Danny Hein review Danny Hein
Got bugs. Can't save favorites or stickers I made. Please fix. This app was great.
Ezequiel Maisonet review Ezequiel Maisonet
You cannot create gifs, which is the only reason why I downloaded the app. If it gets fixed I might try it again
Jesse Sutherland review Jesse Sutherland
Can't create, save doesn't seem to work :(