GIPHY CAM - The GIF Camera & GIF Maker APK

GIPHY CAM - The GIF Camera & GIF Maker
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Create GIFs anytime using GIPHY Cam. Feeling creative? Add some filters or special FX then share the best ones in a text, Facebook Messenger, or post it on the web! Check back every week for new filters!

• Enhance your GIFs using filters with everything from VHS to 3Dee
• Go crazy with face-tracked accessories, stickers, text, frames and more
• Fresh Filters uploaded weekly to help you keep your GIF game on point

• Press and hold the red button to RECORD a GIF
• Tap the button to shoot a 5-frame BURST MODE GIF

• Text your friends personalized GIFs all day
• Share you GIFs on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger or almost anywhere
• Or just save it to your Gallery for later

- - -

“You Should Download This Insanely Fun GIF Making App For iPhone Right Now”

“I feel a bit like I’m looking at whatever magic controlled Harry Potter’s photo albums.”

“Giphy Cam Adds Just The Right Level Of Insanity To GIFs”

“Take Your Selfie Game To A Whole New Level Using Giphy's New Addicting App”

“GiphyCam could become incredibly important—the way we show feelings, reactions, and emotions not just through a yellow icon, but with ourselves.”

• Fast Company
• The Huffington Post
• Refinery 29
• The Daily Dot

The GIF camera for all your GIF-making needs. Have any requests? Comments? Issues? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and tag all your posts #giphycam so we can like them!



GIPHY CAM - The GIF Camera & GIF Maker APK reviews

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Kim Pierce review Kim Pierce
I love this App
Keep up the good work on this App!!!
VendettaHD review VendettaHD
Ever since my favourite GIF based app "Phhhoto" shut down I've been searching for loads of different new apps, This one is just as good as it only probably im having is the ISO on the selfie camera is super low its like black in my room and I have a light on the rear camera is fine. Fix that and I'll probably use it more.
Lady Mishel review Lady Mishel
Would be nice to make gifs longer than four seconds, maybe up to eight or ten seconds tops? It would also be great to transfer the app to my SD card since it's so large. Besides that I enjoy it.
John Ciaccio review John Ciaccio
Works well but low on effects..
Runs well. Solid but few features. Got board after 10 minutes. Hopefully the developers will add a lot more since it was just released on Android.
kamil ahmadzani review kamil ahmadzani
DOES NOT WORK ON CHROMEBOOK. this would be an excellent creators tool if could work on chromebook. has great edits and features but CANNOT SAVE OR SHARE. Says video creation failed.
Deepak Jain review Deepak Jain
Superb Duperb
Superb Duperb
Kyle Harper review Kyle Harper
Pretty good... But I really wish it used Android's media browser instead of the in-app camera roll where you can only see your most recent photos and videos. Update and easily this app is 5 stars.
Matt Shaw review Matt Shaw
Awesome, the next GIFs
Awesome app, takin GIFs to the next Level! Updates needed to keep upgrading with new items. Maybe some sound effects too or double exposure to add brand logos etc. Also adding camera roll video would be greatly appreciated
Robin Jacobs review Robin Jacobs
I like the app. But my phone is not your personal billboard. I do not appreciate spammy notifications.
Konstantin Sk review Konstantin Sk
Great app!
Totally worth trying, really like a bit of a geeky approach here:) also it would be great if you could do a gif out of existing video from your phone
Daniel Yruegas review Daniel Yruegas
Literally best app ever created for this type of stuff.
Alexander Kusuma Praja review Alexander Kusuma Praja
Can't edit pic from album
I will give this app 5 stars if it already allow us to edit pics from my album just like it got on iphone version
A Google user review A Google user
Looks good until you upload or send to someone then it's a pixelated blurry mess
Greg Peretti review Greg Peretti
Doesn't work with s6 edge
Not able to do anything but take picture.
Jack Daniel review Jack Daniel
App didn't work for me. Launched it only to geta black screen.