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Flying Car Sim
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Like to drive fast down city streets? Fly high in a airplane? Look no further and get straight into the fun that is the flying car!

Get in the driver seat of the specially modified sports car, do amazing stunts and drifts in the city city streets or offroad or activate airplane flight mode and turn your fast sports car into a unique flying car!! In an instance you went from a top car driving expert to a professional airplane pilot!


-Fly through and amazingly detailed city environment, dodge and weave between skyscrapers!
-Perfect the flying car and become the world's best pilot
-Go to extreme speeds with super charged nitro boosts

Flying Car Simulator 3D is made for all of you flight and driving simulation game fans, with all the best parts in one game!

-Put your driving and flight controls to the test
-Incredible HD Graphics
-Real life sports car modified for flight capability
-Detailed and immersive city world environment
-Fun, realistic driving controls
-Dynamic camera angles
-Intuitive airplane flight physics
-Free to play and easy to use

Flying Car Sim APK reviews

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Very bad . .. uninstall
Its ok
Abu Mahdi review Abu Mahdi
Candy Crunch review Candy Crunch
It is really fun, but it is hard to figure out how to fly and the gas runs out to fast. Too many adds. It gets a little bit borring after a bit. It is hard to control and you have the smallest place to fly or drive. The graphics are great though. I love the music in the backround too. I don't suggest that you get this game. Peace out!
MCgaming 101 review MCgaming 101
OMG this is the world's number 1 best stress relieving game I have ever played. The music is so just calm and beautiful. This game reminds me of how I want to reach the skies just like a bird in nature. Accept it's a car XD. Still a good anger relieving game and the most peaceful game I have played in 11 years of my life
Declan Ferguson review Declan Ferguson
It is a good game,I would love if you could pick cars. The concept of flying around in a rip off car but over all . GREAT FUN!
Yee Yee review Yee Yee
I think this game is amazing. The controls arent the best but hey, not every games perfect. I dont care about the ads unlike other people sooooo all in all its a perfect game
Maria Caine review Maria Caine
I love it but I wish there were no adds because I was flying and the add popped up and my car went down because of the add I can't complain about anything else except the adds only one more thing I wish you could change your car and the music is so relaxing it's great for stress relief
onigk61 review onigk61
The game is fun but try and make it easier to drive. The car drifts out of control to easily. Also it would be nice if there was different maps or if the city was bigger.
MARVEL Rabbit review MARVEL Rabbit
I love the music. I love the view. It's a little hard to control just like any simulator, but it still made my dream come true. Also, there is a time limit before you get an ad that you can close as soon as comes up, so that's not a bother.
Josh Crass review Josh Crass
Worst Game Ever
This game is the worst game I've ever played. Funk this game and its creators. Its all adds and the map is tiny as funk. This game must have been made by N-Words. They need to be hanged. Hail Lord Lucifer, The True Being of Light.
awesome dude lol review awesome dude lol
Yeah no but ok
Its not all bad but make the stearing, flying mechanics and take out the petrol meter no meter. And josh crass you need to chill. And take out adds for next game creator.
Jeong Sangjun review Jeong Sangjun
Remove fuel pls...
Amazing! The music is relaxing and im addicted to flying. The only 1 thing, is that the fuel meter is in, and you can lose fuel in a matter of minutes. So please remove the fuel meter and ill rate 5 stars, for now, great job! :)
No fuel and fix steering
I like the music and the games relaxing but the fuel thing you should take that out or make OT so that its not every ten swconda your fuel runs out the steering is hard but really relaxing so fix it plz
Nyeem Olusanya review Nyeem Olusanya
Its good but two problems
Its a rly good game but there r soo many ads and the fuel bar annoys me so much if possible could u just get rid of the fuel bar and ads