Extreme Car Stunts 3D APK

Extreme Car Stunts 3D
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Are you brave enough to take the Extreme Car Stunts challenge and skilled enough to master it? Let's see if you can survive the most stimulating stunt arena!
The wild and crazy fantasy stunts city will blow your mind! Modern stunt environment, awesome car smashing machines and mechanized techno based obstacles. Perform high jumps on colossal ramps; accelerate through fiery hoops; jimmy through deadly propellers; knock down and smash all types of obstacles. Dash and race through the stunt city at lightning fast speed displaying cool tricks!

*Multiple cars to unlock and customize
*Enjoy 4 different car models with cool wheel designs and car patterns to style according to taste.
*Experiment with colors and designs!
*Car performance upgrades
*Engine, nitro boost and braking upgrades!
*Level-based episodes
*Free & endless modes for endless fun.
*Multiple high speed cars with ultra smooth controls

**Get the #1Extreme Car Stunts Game of All Time!!**

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Extreme Car Stunts 3D APK reviews

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Alexander Dalat review Alexander Dalat
Not bad
If you make it so that when you are flying and you press the arrow keys the car turns, i think this will make it funner.
Shelley Bayliss-Hine review Shelley Bayliss-Hine
More customizations
Good but you could add a mode were you build things like ramps tracks and more, this would make it a lot better but still quite a good game.
David Quevedo review David Quevedo
Very Realistic
Felt like i was Playing Sf Rush for n64 but this game has better Graphics.
Dave Chandler review Dave Chandler
this new version is even BETTER than the old version. So whoever rates 5★★★★★ i will be proud of so please rate★★★★★!!!! People who hate this version and rated ★ you suck! i love this version the old one was so crap.
Joel Kludt review Joel Kludt
Hard downloading and it took a long time to do one mission
J Truth review J Truth
Boring it sucks
After u go to the ring it pauses for 5 sec n reloads next game horrible im unistalling immediatley
Jonah Westmore review Jonah Westmore
Stupidly fun
It's hard to control but it's still fun in many different ways.
hamdan yousaf review hamdan yousaf
Its fun but too many ads
Pls stop the ads they start coming in the middle of level and then the game starts over again
Kidfury 20 review Kidfury 20
Great game
I liked this game because all the obstacles and all the cool cars
Scott Lansing review Scott Lansing
I like the pictures but I'd like to play. When you press the button you can't do anything . Thanks now I have to delete this game because this game is terrible!
Rakesh Hiwale review Rakesh Hiwale
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Skyler Holsinger 3rd account review Skyler Holsinger 3rd account
I like the graphics but it would be nice to play!
I get as far as clicking career mode and boom won't ever load plz fix!???
Not that great
Hard to control the car it goes really fast. Has a lot of adds ?? i was disappointed.
MAN GO'S CRAZY ON GAME (who is me :D
Hard to Control
When you keep turning when you wanna turn around, it just stays turning left and right and won't stop until I hit the brakes. Also, it keeps getting stuck all by irradiance and doesn't listen to my commands