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NQ Easy Finder: The most effective app for finding missing phones.

Locate and track your lost phone and protect your privacy with NQ Mobile Easy Finder (NQEF)!
☆ Mobile Finder Score is the highlight of Easy Finder. It provides a score to evaluate the probability of finding the lost phone. The higher the score is, the more probability you can find your phone.
☆ “Smart Finder” will automatically locate the lost phone and stealthily take a mug shot of thief.
☆ “Track My Phone” can fully help user track the thief’s route.
☆ The attentive function of “Wipe My Data” can prevent privacy leakage in time.

Download and install NQ Mobile Easy Finder today. NQ Mobile finds your phone so your private data is secure.

Main Features:

> Systematically analyze and evaluate the probability of finding missing phones.
> Turning on Smart Finder Protection will increase the probability of finding missing phones.

> Automatically locate the phone and take a mug shot when the intruder failed to unlock, and send you a notification email.
> Automatically locate the phone and take a mug shot when your SIM card is changed, and send you a notification email.
> Automatically restore the phone’s location and send you a notification email before battery runs out.

If someone inserts a new SIM card on your phone, you will be notified of the new number via an alert message on the reporting number.

> Locate your phone: Locate the lost phone when it connects to Wi-Fi/data/Cell tower.
> Sound an alarm: User can trigger a loud alarm (even in a silent mode), making it easy to find the misplaced phone when you are nearby.
> Send screen messages: User can send a message to the missing phone. Whoever possesses the phone will see it on the screen, even if the phone is locked.
> Lock your phone: Screen Password is too simple? Remotely compose another password to lock the phone remotely.
> Back up contacts: Back up the contacts remotely and then retrieve them online later.
> Track my phone [premium]: Track the missing phone’s route and provide a pattern on the map of where the phone has been in the past 24 hours.
> Wipe my data [premium]: Wipe all data in the lost phone to prevent privacy leakage, including texts, contacts, pictures, videos, logins and more.

Two ways to control: send commands via SMS or accessing the Internet.

This app uses the Device Administrator permissions under certain circumstances as described below:
1. When necessary, to erase data without warning by performing a factory data reset.
2. When needed, change the screen-unlock password
3. To set password rules
4. To monitor screen – unlock attempts
5. To lock the screen.

The reason for Device Administrator permissions authorization is to let the user know when someone is trying to unlock his/her phone and get their locations + mug shots. Also, this will prevent thieves from unauthorized uninstalling Easy Finder.

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Easy Finder & Anti-Theft APK reviews

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Udyangani Sepalika review Udyangani Sepalika
Good but it has problem.it not give important feathures.it try to caught us.they need eat our money.not much to do upgrade this.if best one is not in it.doesnt work.if you give us free it.when we use this app.
Sukhi Kular review Sukhi Kular
Gud app for use....but it does not tell our exact location its approx 2-3 km
Emmanuel Uduk review Emmanuel Uduk
How do I uninstall this app from my techno p5?
Tomisin Laurence review Tomisin Laurence
Wahoo wat a great app Google am proud of u
Ganesh Babu review Ganesh Babu
I used this software last 4years. It's simply superb nd efficient. Thank you very much..
Mario Melara review Mario Melara
Es una basura
Carmen Sellars review Carmen Sellars
When I uninstalled it the pin lock remained. Pain to get rid of
Jamie Hughlett review Jamie Hughlett
Used to be awesome now it doesn't work for sh##!
This used to be a really good app, it even saved me when I left my phone at the store cause I was able to go online on my computer and go to the website and locate my phone but when I go online and try and locate it, it says that it's unable to locate and that I must not have it installed on my phone which is crap please fix this bring back the old easy finder that works or else I'm going to just Uninstall a D find sleuthing that does work
richardy chapi review richardy chapi
Uncorrect location
It show me uncorrect location. Please fix this..
samuel minu review samuel minu
Need improvement
Add feature of keep the app in hidden mode...
Muhammad B Hassan review Muhammad B Hassan
Gud app
I hope youll keep o upgrading it.
Ashish Das review Ashish Das
Lovely app
Realy this app so good...some app i was uploaded but that was not working like avast etc...but this app is so simple anybody use this app...mostly i like that whenever unknown person change the sim that this app send your massagr according to reporting number...so pls try it
Danish Fahim review Danish Fahim
Does not locate properly
This app is great but its showing wrong location please fix it otherwise I would have given 5 stars
saikrishnarockstar7 review saikrishnarockstar7
No words.just install
Ok Go ahead fellows.install
Kakali Banerjee review Kakali Banerjee
"Locks son sim mobile serving"
When your mobile pose son integrative.