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This is the Simple music player.user can install and listen the songs. This is open source code.

*music player
*songs player
*mp3 player
*All player

Default Music Player APK reviews

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Sandeep Ambe review Sandeep Ambe
Cannot share the songs
Bullshit app as cannot have sharing option.not even bluetooth share option dont install.
Kendel Banks review Kendel Banks
How do I get music on this? Can someone help me? Or can you add some sort of toturial? (Sorry for bad spelling) I know its downloaded through other apps but... it isn't doing that
Rich Rodriguez review Rich Rodriguez
Good app
Never lets me down like google play music app on my phone that loses my music all the time
Honey Bhamra review Honey Bhamra
It is great app 1 thing is that it is very small and other it is simplest app...
Tanisha Jones review Tanisha Jones
It's Ok
I like the music player. My only problem with it is when I hit the pausr button and then go back to it, the song starts over from the beginning. Please fix.
Seth Baron review Seth Baron
If you allow us to rename the songs, then this app would be perfect!
nadja figureo review nadja figureo
its okay but i cant really find all he songs that i want to have on my sellphone
Chris Vydas review Chris Vydas
Needs to get a clue and stop gearing their software for the sole purpose of generating revenue. I needed a decent player for music i have on my device and because Google music is too retarded making it a painfully stupid to accomplish an otherwise simple task, playlists should be ez. default music player makes that process simple, something Google music fails at putting any sensible thought in to. Default player still needs some refinement as i found one of the ui layouts where not all the buttons fit. A notifcation controller to skip back,forward, play/stop, and exit would be nice. hope this can be added.
James Aragon review James Aragon
When I get it working make play list all good. Then turn my phone off back on no play list anymore.
Jorden Freeman review Jorden Freeman
Great app
It used to be on my old phone automatically so i am familiar with it (to the retards its a player not downloader)
Jasper Carlton review Jasper Carlton
Horrid eww hate it
Horrible to use boring
Melissa Brown review Melissa Brown
Plays music
Plays music, let's me make my song lists. It's a decent app for being free
angela parker review angela parker
I like this because u don't have to worry about WiFi going down
Sara Prange review Sara Prange
I downloaded it then it kept closing out. 3 times! nope. It doesn't need 1 star!
carli-simone Fisher review carli-simone Fisher
Needs 'search' option
Love the simplicity, the fact its found literally ALL of my music ☺? however I would love a search bar in order to find a particular song on my phone, this would make it a lot easier for me to make specific playlists etc. If the search bar option could be added I will more than proudly give you 5 stars (it wont let me give you 4.5- otherwise I would have done so) other than that, spectacular!!! Add a search bar please and I'll never use another player EVER again