Crocodile Attack 2016 APK

Crocodile Attack 2016
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It’s JAWS...but with crocodiles!
*CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP* This ravenous crocodile lurks after its frantic prey. With an appetite as big as this beast, you can hunt and snatch up anything. Swim, slither, crawl, and attack! Emerge suddenly from the waters, crawl onto the shore of the beach, and explore around the island looking for your next meal, frightening the unexpecting humans and animals equally. Get them unawares! Control this giant in water and on land. Additionally, change the skin of your crocodile to cool themes including your country’s flag (if you’re feeling patriotic)!

Put your massive jaws to use and cause chaos! Your hunger must be quenched!

Crocodile Attack 2016 Features:
•Beautifully crafted 3D graphics & realistic water environments: including beaches, docks & open sea
•Huge hungry animated 3D crocodile
•Smooth and easy controls to make the crocodile swim and attack
•Fast action packed gameplay
•Girls, Cows, Goats, Chickens and more
•Plenty of fun sounds and visual effects


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Crocodile Attack 2016 APK reviews

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Morgan David Trent review Morgan David Trent
This is great
With 2016 coming to an end, I've finally had time to give my thoughts on this masterpiece. It's pretty good.
Terra Miller review Terra Miller
It's like a slow clunky rampage. Kind of cool, but nothing to write home about.
gopal dey review gopal dey
Stage n graphic not so good
Stage 19 states for 7 human to be killed. However on entire island only castle n animals. Not a single human. How can we clear the stage. Now that's weird, stage 21 states to kill Animals n all are humans
Trap House Boys Productions review Trap House Boys Productions
Crocodile attack made me enwoy wife
Okay so evry since I wost mu wife 1 sturted wlaying diss game I really started luv her agen because I won't miss anger clout game little buggy but it's fun tork better Dan therapist
Its like your a real alligator and thats not it you also can eat people thats extreamly cool and awesome!!??
Sparkle Girl review Sparkle Girl
Easy and fun game to play
Dan McCann review Dan McCann
AMAZING I love the 1st 3 levels so easy and I love games that challenge you.I LOVE IT
Reuben Buffong review Reuben Buffong
Will entertain you for a good 15 minutes per play
Hehe, munch munch munch, decent game but repetitive
rupesh khoria review rupesh khoria
NICE GAME but....
This game is cool!but why can't we dip in the sea,held our breath,swim for a while,and come out?That will make it more fun.
Isabel Cianuro review Isabel Cianuro
Pls fix constant crash at launch. Asus tablet me203c, android 4.3
James Young review James Young
Loved it
It is so fun and easy and i am a good person it is just i dont like baby games I like real games?
Muhammad Ahyar review Muhammad Ahyar
Layered ADS
If you want to make money, just make this game paid, if you want user experience better, reduce the ADS!
P.R. Heydenreich review P.R. Heydenreich
Many glitches and adds really wish that developers could choose the quality of adds. When adds are invasive or spam like for example "letgo" or overly repetitive like "mobile strike" or "game of war" I just uninstall. Game has potential but I would like to see a free roaming crock with hunters as danger.
Audrey Reyes review Audrey Reyes
Terrible game. Not fun at all. Theres no challenge to it and tje graphics are horrible. Played for 2min then uninstalled. Waste of time.
Nerotso Rotzz review Nerotso Rotzz
This is a very weird funny game..???? At one stage I ate everyone in the island and in the sea but the 8 target was not changing until I died in the waters of starvation... But its still funny