Cops N Robbers APK

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"Cops N Robbers (Jail Break Mode)" - the famous mini game is coming to Googleplay now!

# Huge map - "West Prison", "Pirate Ship": Cell, Showers, Mess Hall, Escape Maze, Library, Secret Passage, Roof.
# High quality graphics: Light setting in scene & Pixel scene modeling & Character modeling…
# Sound effect: different place with different sound effect.
# UI Setting: comfortable control & comfortable visual effects.
# Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support!
# Props: Labber, Valve, Sword, Bow, Sticks...
# Rich&Funny Character animations.
# "Honor Rules": cheat & cheated!

***Worldwide Multiplayer***
# 5 server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to start game.
# Max players support: 8 players.(1 cop & other all robbers)
# Round time setting: 15-60 minutes.
# Chat system: chat with other players(you can choose close or open chat panel)

***How to play: rules***
# There's a cop & other all robbers.
# Cop tell robbers what he should do: go to the mess hall to eat & go to the showers & go to the library...
# Robbers must obey and do what the cop says, or be punished!
# Robber's mission: Compliance & Betrayal(find the way to escape & win for every robber)
# Cops's mission: Wait for the limited time pass, then cop is the winner!

Cops N Robbers APK reviews

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Peanut The Dog review Peanut The Dog
Great But One Thing..
Amazing game but when you buy stuff it will not save. I bought it once, app got deleted so I had to buy it again. I have to do that once again.
Jovanni Hendrix review Jovanni Hendrix
Amazing game
I will keep playing but plz keep updating it plz
Autumn Sexton review Autumn Sexton
It is so fun and look on YouTube. For autumn sexton
Dwayne Soriano review Dwayne Soriano
Best games ever
I wish there was a gun it :D I had played it when it was free XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD but the crowbar would be better if you could break down the door XD
Abi garcia review Abi garcia
Its boring but beside that people dont even play the cops just dont open the door
Daisy Kikia review Daisy Kikia
Say have no internet when I have 5 bars!!!!!
Pls fix!
Jesus Vazquez review Jesus Vazquez
How can get free coins without paying but I just bought a skin :) if you want to find me my named is darkboy you could find me in the US sever not global
Elaina Lee review Elaina Lee
I don't like the server names because they are VERY inappropriate.
thomas carlsen review thomas carlsen
Awesome but
Can you please bring back the Christmas-theme prison? It brings back so many memories and I love the Christmas room. I love this game. Add new rooms to achieve 5 stars
Noble Romero review Noble Romero
I paid for this Game and uninstall it because it was not working than tried to reinstall it and it will not go because of my USB. Give me my money or i will report you people.
ryan vargas review ryan vargas
Its fun but...
I love this game but I never get to be a cop how do I be a cop?
Bryant Sepulveda review Bryant Sepulveda
I downloaded this app about a month ago! Fun but a waste of money I say
Cole Nored review Cole Nored
Love it
I love the bo2 boat its beast
Janet Trujillo review Janet Trujillo
It is fun but wen I go for a bit they all live
Kylie Barry review Kylie Barry
So addicting
I can't stop playing! I feel like if I stop,I'll miss something good?