CM Transfer - Share any files with friends nearby APK

CM Transfer - Share any files with friends nearby
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Brand New CM Transfer
CM Transfer evolved! With the beautifully redesigned new look and enhanced file transferring technology, sharing files with friends is now simpler, faster and more secure.

Breaking news to Android 7 & 8 users: YES, CM Transfer now officially supports Android 7 & 8 devices! Got something to share? Just share it!

Lightning fast mobile file transfer
With the support of high-speed Wi-Fi, CM Transfer is able to transfer your apps, HD videos, photos and any large files to your friends nearby within just seconds.

Simply share files in any format and any size
It’s fun to share. Share beloved apps and interesting games. Share exciting movies and soul touching music. Share important contacts. Share photos with invaluable memories. With CM Transfer, you’re free to share everything regardless of their sizes.

Instantly find nearby friends with Bluetooth support
It takes two to tango. So does share. CM Transfer makes it easy for you and your friends to find each other. With Bluetooth, as soon as you tap “Send Files”, CM Transfer lists out your nearby friends who are using CM Transfer and ready to exchange files. (Additional permissions are required, including Bluetooth and location service.)

Build connections without internet
Get apps and games from friends with CM Transfer so you don’t have to download them via the internet. Exchanging files with CM Transfer cuts your internet costs. Furthermore, with the fast Wi-Fi connection, CM Transfer saves your time sending and receiving files.

Enjoy exchanging files under the brand new look
Sharing is fun and that is why CM Transfer evolved into such brand new look. With the newly crafted UI, you’re able to send and receive files at the same time in a chatroom-alike page. Furthermore, the new transfer history makes finding shared files easier and interesting.

Share your ideas with us
Share not only files, but your precious ideas on how we can make CM Transfer better! Send us your suggestions to [email protected]

One of the TOP RATED★★★★★ file transfer apps. Share photos, videos, apps, and files with friends nearby. Fast, secure, no Internet required.

Favorite music? Share it to friends with no 3G/4G and no charge.

Lively sharing
Share at ease: Just tap and send
Fast: Super speed, much faster than Bluetooth
Without limit: Send photos, videos, music, and even apps (apk)

Happiness is to share
Send Contacts: introduce contact at ease. Just share it by CM Transfer easily, quickly and safely.
Send Apps: share interesting apps at a party with friends.
Send Music & Movies: have a great movie or to an emotional song? Share it to your family unhesitatingly.
Send Photos & Videos: when you wish to share beautiful photos with the friends traveling with you.
Send Game Apps: when you happen to download a funny game and your friends want it too. Simply share it via CM Transfer.

Send files without Internet
Receive files without Internet
Files management
App APK extraction

Supported file types
Video: AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GPP, OGG,...
Audio: MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA
Document: PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, ...
Others: ZIP, APK, ...
1000+ formats supported.

Frequently recommended - Share it with friends and stay connected :)

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Saumitra Bala review Saumitra Bala
Great work team... every feature of cm really nice..keep it up.
Lucky Dele review Lucky Dele
Its a nice app. But there is no option to add one's preferred device name and photo as other flashshare
Barisah Abdikadir review Barisah Abdikadir
Best app
No better app that does what it does. Really good.
vinay patidar review vinay patidar
Good software no more West time for download
Kumbang Bara review Kumbang Bara
Botsile Tshepo review Botsile Tshepo
Not good enough
Switches off my phone, in every attempt to send files.
Aashir Zia review Aashir Zia
My God
Vaililigi Tuilagi review Vaililigi Tuilagi
Works great on my NEXUS 5. Well done developers! I will never use Bluetooth again. Cos now I have CM transfer and I love the speed of transferring files.....<3
Umar Bukar review Umar Bukar
Galaxy S3
Its the Best I have used by a million miles...
dee dee Roy review dee dee Roy
like so far. Just started. only 1 problem but is working great now. very fast file sending.
Asraf Ramjan review Asraf Ramjan
Imnot use it but i now cleanmaster its best master......
Simon Kakeeto review Simon Kakeeto
Kakeeto simon
Its good continiu giving us more
MsCaJai Wright review MsCaJai Wright
I know I will need this app, but...
It keeps running up my CPU, heating up my phone, and causing problems with my other apps. Out of all the CM apps I have installed this is the only one that gives me issues. I will leave it installed because I need it and it's easy to use. If any suggestions on fixing this issue, I would welcome the help?
Susan Conklin review Susan Conklin
Love it
Only took about 5 sec. To transfer 120 photos, Great Job :-)
Afolayan Nusirat Bolatito review Afolayan Nusirat Bolatito