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Call Blocker Free - Blacklist
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Call Blocker is one of the most effective apps to prevent unwanted calls.

== Advantages ==
Lightweight and easy to use

== Features ==
- Multiple Blocking modes at your choice

- Blacklist: You can add unwanted numbers to blacklist.

- Whitelist: Add important phone numbers to your whitelist so they can always reach you.

Prevent possible phone scams.

Additional features
Three options to deal with prevented calls
Notifications after blocking

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Judy Ayala review Judy Ayala
Android user
The only reason I'm giving this app a 4 and not a 5 is because if I'm talking to someone when a call comes in from a blacklisted number my call to the person I'm talking to gets dropped too.
John Whittle review John Whittle
Doesn't hangup
Sends to voicemail... No good for my purposes.
Simona Maria review Simona Maria
This app is not doing what it supposed to do!!!
I have added some nr in call blocker but if the person insists, my phone rings normaly!!! I hate this and i will uninstall it !! Im sure there are better apps...
paulo marquez review paulo marquez
Can't find Password setup
I am a user of this app and I was able to set password for this. But when I reinstalled this, I can no longer set password for this. What is the use of hiding if anybody can access the app?
AlyD T review AlyD T
Would be better if worked on above 4
The message block doesn't work on phones that are 4 it above. Which is most phones!
Emma Ellinson review Emma Ellinson
Nice and simple
Nice looking app. Easy to use. Blocks annoying calls. Perfect. And very happy it pulls in numbers from the call log. Saves me copy and pasting.
Donald Suggs review Donald Suggs
Easy to use!! Place call or message on block list and your troubled no more.. Remember that you should not answer a number you do not recognize or expect. To many hackers!!
gigicats6 review gigicats6
Pests are gone
Thank you for creating this app, it works great! Rather suddenly I was getting a lot of sales calls and some scam calls. Also started getting advertising text messages. Now they're gone thanks to this app. The only drawback is that it doesn't show the phone numbers it blocked, that info would be helpful.
david lee review david lee
My favourite App !
I've had terrible bother lately with nuisance calls. I just add the numbers to my blacklist and that's the last you hear from them. Brilliant !!
Hashan Malka Lakshan review Hashan Malka Lakshan
Nice app User friendly I suggest all to use for block unwanted calls n SMS
TJ Jones review TJ Jones
So far so good!!!
Been having an issue with a crazy person that won't leave me alone.. Haven't heard a peep from that person since downloading this app!! Most peaceful once again!!
Delancy Hannah review Delancy Hannah
Didn't work
Didn't block calls sometimes or mssg. Ajust worked when it wanted to which sucked for who I'm trying to get away from
,Paul Webb review ,Paul Webb
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Only reason for 4* is the cost each month, a one off charge would make it more cost effective used it on my sgs and now on my sgs3 mini until I find a better app. Update now using it on xperia Z3, Sadly since 5.1.1 update it fails to hide messages the option to install a very basic sms app is a cop out. Come on guys sort it out till then reduced to 3 stars
Tanja Snow review Tanja Snow
Its good b/c I'm not bothered by the phone ringing but its bad b/c the call is sent to voicemail instead of being dropped like its supposed to be. It USED TO work that way but now not even close. What happened?? Did you guys create another bug while you were fixing a different one?? PLEASE fix this issue, its annoying............ thanks
Sajeev S review Sajeev S
Call blocking
It's very good & super app, this app is blocked all unwanted calls & messages .so I'm relaxed.