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Brightest Flashlight Free ®
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Brightest Flashlight App – Free of Charge
* Turns on all available lights on the device
* Camera Flash LED at Maximum
* Screen at Bright Maximum
* Keyboard Backlight at Maximum
* Soft Keys Backlight at Maximum
* Notification LED at Maximum
* Automatic Timer Exits Application after 2 Minutes
* Audio Effects on Start and Stop
* Unobtrusive Ads
* Please contact the support email for reporting bugs or problems so we can fix them as quickly as possible
* Best Flashlight App for dark conditions, natural LED color provides great contrast

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Brightest Flashlight Free ® APK reviews

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J Sinn review J Sinn
Brightest Flash light
This is it, the alpha an omega of light apps. Look no further there is none better, simplier, and brighter than this. If you do your simply wasting your time.
Joshua kendrick review Joshua kendrick
Stellar .. Works every time !
Rare that I rate an app most being mediocre . This uber bright light with easy access icon is awesome. Never fails
Brian griffin review Brian griffin
Works very well
It's a great app and very easy to use. It does take a couple of seconds for the light to come on after turning it on though. I like the way things stay lit even when you aren't touching the screen. Some apps seem to go to sleep and shut of the light. This one doesn't. Nice job!
Alesha Munk review Alesha Munk
Name says it all!
Never fails, always does the job. I use this almost daily!
Mistie Buss review Mistie Buss
Don't like how the ad's are on bottom.
Not as bright as u say. My candy crush app is brighter. Your not my husband or boyfriend why do u need access to my camera and every move. Just going to use my regular flashlight. . Cause it doesn't care of my every move. Too creepy... I'm uninstalling it.:-( :-( :-(
A Google User review A Google User
Extensive privacy agreement
It seems crazy to have to give up so much information to use a flashlighlight.
Joshua Skilken review Joshua Skilken
This is bright
I don't know if it is the brightest or not but it seems to keep my flash lenses on just like everywhere else but I love the Splinter Cell sound effect it is awesome
Cindy Love review Cindy Love
Brightest ever!
There are peeps givin reviews that this isn't a very bright light... I'm worried about you, you may need to seriously get your vision checked, this light will brighten up a room better than the full moon, in fact it's sitting on my nightstand and I'm reading by it now, but it keeps asking me to rate it every time I turn it on, so I figured I'd go ahead and do it since I do really like the light!
Verona Sutton-Dunn review Verona Sutton-Dunn
Loving It!
Awesome app. Last summer, I was on an unpopulated island that only had light in the common areas. I downloaded this app and lit the way for everyone in my party. They had flashlight apps on their phones also but nothing compared. Needless to say, my friends downloaded this one.
Elizabeth Dorsey review Elizabeth Dorsey
This Rocks. Brighter than any flashlight. It's amazing what I can find at night in the "drop into oblivion spots in the car. Great for looking for a lost contact lens.
Briana Brooks review Briana Brooks
Brightest flashlight I'VE found!
This thing is like a real flashlight! Brightest app I've found on my phone and only one single actual flashlight came near the same level of light!
Jennifer Alt review Jennifer Alt
Light is awesome, sound is weird
The only bad thing about the light is the sound it makes. Not a big deal but just wish it wasn't there. Light is extemely bright though which is great
Joe HENRY review Joe HENRY
Spying and Malware
Horrible flashlight app I've had it for months on my phone and after watching Fox News Report. I found out the FTC made this flashlight app update its privacy policy bc this app spys on your personal information and has been sending it over seas to China and Russia. If you're smart you will not download it or if it's downloaded delete and factory reset to rid your phone of the Trojans.
A Google User review A Google User
Why so many permissions for a simple flashlight? I dont mind a few ads because the app is free, but selling my geolocation or whatever info? Reading my SD card content? Nah, uninstalled! People, use "Privacy Flashlight".
Gabriel B review Gabriel B
Only one problem
It's a great flashlight and doesn't take up much storage... the only issue is that it turns off automatically. My pickup truck at work has no light so sometimes at night I use this flashlight to read my paperwork and it gets annoying when the light keeps turning off. It should stay on way longer but I think most flashlight apps do that now.