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The Bible Gateway App is the OFFICIAL and FREE Bible reading, listening, and learning experience from (

The Bible Gateway App makes it easy to read, hear, study, and understand the Bible. With the Bible Gateway App, you can:

• Read more than 90 different Bible translations, including the NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, NASB, and The Message.
• Listen to over 20 audio Bibles, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, and other translations.
• Quickly and easily search the Bible for a verse, passage, or keyword.
• Enjoy a daily Bible Verse of the Day in the translation of your choice.
• Follow one of many different Bible reading plans to journey through God’s Word.
• Learn more about any Bible passage with a library of trustworthy Bible commentaries and other references.
• Take personal notes, highlight Bible text, and bookmark your favorite verses.
• Share Bible verses with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
• Upgrade to the ultimate Bible learning experience with a free 30-day trial of Bible Gateway Plus. Plus members enjoy access to their expanded study library in the App.

Bible Gateway is committed to making the Bible available to everyone. To begin exploring and understanding the Bible yourself, install the free App or visit (

Bible Gateway APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
All you get is the Bible and a place to make notes. You can't access the rest of the app unless you pay for it.
A Google user review A Google user
You can do more with it , if you have a online account.
Renea Somerville review Renea Somerville
I upgraded to the Plus edition specifically to listen to the Bible. I have only bern able to do so once in 3 months.
Nancy Brown review Nancy Brown
The app has audio and countless translations. It is a pure joy to sleep under the voice that reads the Bible to me
Paris H review Paris H
It is very easy to use and I love that it reads to you when you can't read it on your own.
Steve Chittenden review Steve Chittenden
The recent changes have made the resources very clunky to access on my Galaxy phone. Rather than simply highlighting, selecting resources and learning as I have for years with the previous version, I now have to scroll through a countless ads list with no indication of which ones are still available and which ones are paid only. Am very sad for losing what has been my first read of the day and time of worship/learning for many years to an annoying streaming sales pitch!
Sharon Williams-Bostic review Sharon Williams-Bostic
Love this app, which is also great when you want to listen and allow the Word of God to resonate in your hearing.
Paula Deen review Paula Deen
To read it is great but audio doesn't work for days on end and I'm at home with wifi.
Ryan McCaw review Ryan McCaw
The app is great unless you want to copy a verse after trying a different share option.
James King review James King
I just started back using it again. I have fond memories of the hours I spent on this app!
Katherine Meek review Katherine Meek
Works great when it works. Love the commentary options to enhance reading. My only problem is though I can acces videos, websites etc on my phone..via WiFi, not on my own secured network, even the bible yet when I want to access the resource commentaries, it will say "check your internet connection" ..go figure..
Johnathan Hollis review Johnathan Hollis
Love the app, very robust collection of in-depth resources for deeper engagement. The overall interface is quite outdated, and some of the functions don't work as expected. (reading plans are not easy to access, specifically switching to new plans or even moving to the following days material). Thanks for the hard work, I especially like the 'read aloud' feature! ??
Clifford Jones, Sr. review Clifford Jones, Sr.
I just want an app on my phone to quickly look up things, highlight, and copy to paste elsewhere. This app won't let you. The search function on the app and also on their website is very lacking. I usually google a few words of the passage, fund the reference, then come to the app and search with exact scripture reference. Not much of a search tool!
This app is REALLY good. I love the in-text access to the notes, and the ability to easily switch between bible versions while reading, on order to compare the versions for more depth of study and understanding. Lots of available resources, and the ability to write personal notes attached to individual verses. I also like the history section that enables me to follow my reading path, in case I get carried away from my original course while digging deeper into the notes and references!
JO Catchot review JO Catchot
I love the fact that I can read the Bible whenever I like how it will stay on the last page that I read I like how I can choose between multiple translations. But why oh why can't I have a search bar in a Bible app actually search the Bible for key words and not just only work for a book. I would like to be able to search every translation in the Bible for a key word or group of words. I should not have to go to Google to find those verses when I have a Bible app