Ather APK

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This is how you stay connected with your Ather vehicle and manage it. There’s so much you can do: locate your scooter, plan your everyday ride, place a service request and track vehicle’s charging. Your entire ride is on the phone too.

Why is this app a must-have?
1) Uses scooter’s data to connect and keeps a track of its location, whether parked or if someone takes it wheeeing around
2) Send the destination to your Ather scooter, even before you get on it
3) Find the nearest Point in case your Ather needs some charge on your way
4) Check the range available on the vehicle for your next commute
5) Need vehicle service or need to report a glitch, place a request. For any roadside assistance, we are just a tap away
6) All the important alerts like available software updates, issues detected on the vehicle and more
7) Upload documents here to keep them handy on your scooter’s dashboard