Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe APK

Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe
Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe screenshot 1Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe screenshot 2Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe screenshot 3Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe screenshot 4Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe screenshot 5Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe screenshot 6
Downloader: Easily download online videos from plentiful websites.
Security: All-round protection! #1 antivirus engine (rated by AV-TEST)
Privacy: The private vault can lock your secrets and keep your privacy safe.

Armorfly is a secure browser that offers maximum privacy and security. You can lock your secrets away and enjoy a comfortable browsing experience with all-round protection. With the help of its video detection function, Armorfly browser makes various online videos downloadable. Furthermore, Armorfly is on private mode permanently, all data sent and received via the app will be cleaned upon exiting the app.

► Smart Download
    • Armorfly's smart detection function can automatically detect downloadable videos while your browse through the web, allowing you to download and save online videos from almost every website.

► AdBlock
    • Armorfly browser can also effectively block annoying ads, pop-ups, banners to help you save mobile data, while giving you a comfortable browsing experience.

► Private Vault
    • Put your personal photos, videos and files into the vault, lock your secrets, 100% private.

► Malicious prevention
    • Warns you when browsing potentially fraudulent or malicious websites.

► Download protection
    • Scans apk file downloads for malware, keeping your device secure.

► No trace behind
    • All history data will be cleaned automatically, when you exit the app.

► Browsing speed acceleration
    • Preload mechanism to speed up browsing.

► Speed dial
    • Navigation websites make your surfing ease.

► Page Translator

► Text search

► Font size adjustment

► Personalized bookmarks

► Card tabs for multi-tab control

► Search engine switch

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Armorfly Browser & Downloader - Private , Safe APK reviews

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A beautiful browser ??
shiv nandan review shiv nandan
You are the best
J.C. Taylor review J.C. Taylor
Just checking it out...
Let's see what you can do...
Aakash Vyas review Aakash Vyas
Listen guys, maybe its infected with a worm. Creates multiple copies of each file. And if we delete any of them, all of them become useless.
Daniel Baruch review Daniel Baruch
Love this app
Very good! thanks
Maun Ali review Maun Ali
Xavier Simms review Xavier Simms
Love it!!!
shivkumar Ratnapuram review shivkumar Ratnapuram
best of best please bring that orange color cursor back
only browser i liked,, the best browser, only thing i wnt is video download option.
A Google user review A Google user
If you value your privacy in ANY way, then Amourfly is for you. Even if you don't really care about privacy, I think its still the coolest browser out there. I can say this because I've tried them all, literally. I will never use anything different for as long as I have a cell phone. Devs should be praised in the highest regard and treated like royalty. Thank you guys. You're simply the best...!
Ramdi Vergara review Ramdi Vergara
Best browser for security and privacy. Does what it says but right now I noticed I can't download videos from some of fav sites anymore. That's fine, maybe there are copyright issues like Youtube, I understand but I hope there will be more updates. Aaaand one more thing, I hope that maybe the devs can add a bandwidth controller for the downloads because, in my case, the downloads tend to take all the bandwith and I can't browse even using Armorfly itself while downloading.
A Google user review A Google user
Better than Firefox. Very fast, good layout. Will update if necessary after further usage. Update: "Clearing" the app in Android removes any current tabs, which is a "feature" that I don't like. There is no option to stop this from happening. Please add this feature. The rest is great so far. Thanks. :) Update 2: Crashes a lot, removing all tabs. Was at 5 star, now 2.
Rahul Palangi review Rahul Palangi
Everything is fine, some options like Appearance of UI, AD blocking is just mind blowing.. SUGGESTIONS 1) It should have a print option (Save as PDF).. 2) Some websites are not loading clearly even though I select desktop view (It appears as mobile view) .. 3) Backup settings option.. 4) Screenshot Option.. Fix these things, then you gonna rock ...
Aeron Campit review Aeron Campit
Id give it a 5 ⭐ but there seems to be a little bug where the download location of the browser is not recognized in the gallery when i try to download photos. I still have to transfer the downloaded images to other folders to be seen in the gallery. I moved from CM browser to this because of the appealing design but I didn't face this kind of problem with the former. Please try to fix. Awesome browser nonetheless.
Brent review Brent
Love this app! I've tried a bunch and this one is hands down the BEST! I'm not frustrated with other apps maybe or maybe not downloading anymore. And they've added an extremely useful and quickly accessory set of tools to use too. User Tip: Copy the text of the title of the file/vid before selecting download. Then use the "down arrow" in the upper right corner of the browser to begin the download. A save file name window will pop up. Long press the text to the left of the "." (the period). Only that text will automatically be highlighted, so all you have to do then is select Paste and Save. Simple way to add names to keep track of your files! Keep up the great work Devs!