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Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be kept up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes.

Android System WebView APK reviews

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Jorge Garcia review Jorge Garcia
Superb masterpiece of engineering
I can now tele transport myself to the future and to the past. A great way to know deceased relatives and to get wallstreet tips. Now i am one of Apple's largest investors thanks to this incredible time machine, that enabled me to get back to the eighties when Apple had just a few years and bought a bunch of their shares. Down side ... It gave me hemorroids.
Ewin Marvianus review Ewin Marvianus
when i installed it. It feel like my life getting faster, my chrome become 3D, and my girlfriend pregnant. Its really change my life so much... Lol... Be careful
Edward Morrow review Edward Morrow
Does not work.
Shortly after the last update my phone was bricked and a puff of smoke came from where the headphones plug in. Since then I was able to wash the phone with dawn and reinstalled. Seems to be working only some of the time.
Mohammad Rizwan review Mohammad Rizwan
V. V. Nice
Beautiful app
Jerome Cauthen review Jerome Cauthen
Will keep
Pratyush Aryan review Pratyush Aryan
Good update
Aladdin AB review Aladdin AB
Another forced app
krishna reddy review krishna reddy
Don't use....not good
JD Denson review JD Denson
Bram Victor review Bram Victor
Faisyal Hakim review Faisyal Hakim
ناصر افشار review ناصر افشار
Nexus 5 * < LG \\ D-821 > * Iran .
Android 5.1.1 / Lollipop ».«
Jack Jones review Jack Jones
I always have problems when going to the toilet and well this has made me regular. Thank you Google!
Harbansh Yadav review Harbansh Yadav
Fix problems for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 530h..